Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind

2. Intake

Meet and Greet

If you have filled out and submitted your form in Step 1: CONGRATS! We will contact you directly to schedule your Intake. For now, here is what you need to prepare for to move on to Step 3. 

The objective for the Intake is to go over all the procedures, rules and regulations. This will ensure that all parties are on the same page with safety and so on. Both parties, custodial and non-custodial parents, need to agree on these. Both need to meet with the Monitor at different times. Children are not recommended for this meet and greet. 




Things to take: Custodial Parent

  • Picture I.D. 
  • Picture of Child(ren) 
  • Case File 
  • Attorney Information 


Things to take: Non-Custodial Parent

  • Picture I.D. 
  • Case File (optional) 
  • Attorney Information 



**Fees are payable IN ADVANCE by cash, card, or money order. No services will be performed unless fees for services are paid in full prior to services being provided. Fees are hourly. Please email your current court order to :




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