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3. The Visit

We encourage you to come up with a list of places you would like to visit so we can planned ahead of time. You can also check out our EVENTS page to see whats going on around San Diego! 


Our main facility location is in the heart of downtown San Diego. We always adhere to any stipulations in the court order. We also want you to enjoy your visits and do activities that you usually do with your child.


The monitor will meet with both the drop-off parent and the visiting parent; however, neither parent will have contact with the other parent unless the court allows contact.


The drop-off parent will immediately leave the area and the monitor will transfer the child to the visiting parent and the visit will begin at the exact start time.


The following are suggestions for visitation locations: (excludes large amusement parks and  in-home visits) 


  • Facility
  • bowling alley
  • restaurant
  • church
  • miniature golf course
  • shopping mall
  • zoo
  • park
  • museum
  • library
  • theater
  • gaming area
  • amusement park
  • school events
  • sports arena
  • beach


All visits must be approved by case manager ahead of time.





Phone Hours: 

M-F 9am-6pm

Sat-Sun 9am-2pm





964 Fifth Ave, Suite 303
San Diego, CA 92101


Facility Hours: 

Open 7 Days a Week

By Appointment Only

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